DNT Reti Strutturate
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DNT Reti Strutturate
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Braided expandable sleeving

The braided sleeving is the ideal product for protecting electrical cables and wiring.
These sleevings offer an excellent abrasion resistance in a wide range of applications and the expandable structure allows an easy installation on bundles of hoses and cables.
Cable Glands

The cable gland is the ideal product for attach and secure the end of a cable to electrical instrumentations. Cable glands are used on power panels, control equipment, machine tool and others electrical devices.
A complete range of cable glands in polyamide, nickel plated brass and stainless steel suitable for a wide range of applications.

DNT Reti Strutturate is a company committed towards serving utility and Industrial customers with high quality, innovative and cost effective solutions for insulation, sealing and protection of all kinds of wire and cable including power cable, telephone cable and wire harness for electronics and the automotive industry.
The products range includes heatshrink tubings, braided sleevings, heatshrinkable identification sleeves, cable glands, joints and terminations of medium and low voltage, PVC tapes and self-amalgamating tapes.
Furthermore, DNT is always committed to research new suppliers, in order to answer to any customers' request.
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